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Lunula Fungal Nail Cold Laser Therapy Treatment

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This is our newest treatment for fungal nails. It can be used not only on toenail fungus but also on fingernails as they too can commonly get fungal nail infections.

The Lunula Laser is a scientifically, extensively proven laser treatment for fungal nails. It is unlike other laser therapies on the market as it is a cold laser and is totally pain-free as it does not heat up and cause discomfort during treatment, it is a true laser not infrared. It also emits two types of laser, one which kills the fungal spores in the infected nail at a cellular level and another which increases and encourages the blood supply to the area which in turn increases nail growth and nail health.

It has been passed by the FDA (Food and Drug Agency) who looks at all drugs, medical equipment, etc and determines if they are safe for use after many clinical trials and research. They go through rigorous testing to ensure the safety of the public. The Lunula is an American product that is now treating patients with nail fungal infections worldwide. 

The treatment is non-invasive, 100% safe and 100% pain-free and a recommended course of 4 treatments once weekly is all it may take to begin the journey of eradicating those fungal nails for good. In extreme cases, further treatments may be required.

We feel extremely privileged to be offering our patients this ground-breaking treatment and to add it to our armoury of fungal nail treatments. It may be that you have tried all of the lacquers, sprays, and creams, you have tried systemic Terbinafine tablets from the GP, or are unable to have Terbinafine tablets due to toxicity which can occur in some patients who are already on oral medications or have a poor liver function. If this sounds like you, then it may be the treatment you are looking for! 

Not only has Lunula been successful on fungal nails, but it has also been successful in the treatment of psoriatic nails, athlete's foot (also known as Tinea Pedis) around and in between the toes and damaged nails by promoting healthy nail growth due to the increased blood circulation to the area.

Anybody can suffer with nail fungus at any age. It is commonly caused through fungal spores which use your shoes, socks and sweaty feet etc as a breeding ground. Another cause could be through trauma to the nail or an ingrown nail, this occurs due to the damage causing a portal of entry for the fungal spores to infect the nail.

If you would like to know more about the science behind this treatment and the research that has been carried out please click on the following links.

If you would like to find out more information you can check out this website: or check out the video above. 

There is also a brochure you can read here

Please be aware that you will need a fungal nail consultation appointment before having this treatment