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Gait Analysis for Custom Orthotics Insoles

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Our specialist Musculoskeletal Podiatrists can help you if you have foot and ankle pain, for example Plantar Fasciitis, Posterial Tibial Tendon Disorder (PTTD) Achilles Tendonitis, Leg Length Discrepancies and much more! They can also help you if you require custom fit orthotics to assist in your everyday activities from high impact sports to general walking activities. Orthotic insole's can help increase give arch support in high arched and flat feet. They can also be manufactured with deeper heel cups to give more support and shock absorption during gait. By wearing orthotics heel pain can be reduced along with as well as giving pain relief in other areas of the foot by supporting the musculoskeletal structure in areas needed. 

So do you want improved sporting performance or walk without pain?

Our state of the art RS Scan pressure plate and Phits orthotics can help you! It takes a dynamic reading of your foot pressures whilst running or walking over the plate. With this information the thousands of sensors enable the information to be formed into a bespoke orthotic along with the specialist knowledge of the clinician. 

Phits orthotics are 3D printed, lightweight, slim and extremely durable. This is why they are the orthotic of choice of Team GB, with athletes such as Paula Radcliffe, Mo Farah, Charlotte Purdue and many more endorsing their products.

They can be specialist made for runners, cyclists, skiers, footballers, golfers, hikers and just general every day to day use.

Why choose custom shoe inserts instead of the over the counter insoles?

For some patients over the counter orthotics may be suitable however there longevity is limited and they are not truly bespoke to your feet. Custom orthotics are just that! custom made, bespoke to your feet they will last a lot longer giving you better value and performance long term. If foot care is really important to you it is something you may want to consider.

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Please note that the Phits orthotics are charged separately to the initial gait analysis treatment.