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Nail Surgery

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Have you got troublesome nails caused by trauma, poor nail cutting or just generally the way that your nails grow? A surgical procedure can be carried out using a local anaesthetic. This will involve complete removal of the nail or partial removal to the sides of the nail. A chemical called phenol is then applied to the area to stop the nail cells from regrowing. This procedure is permanent.

We have specialist nail surgery podiatrists on site who have carried out this procedure 1000s of times over with over 20 years of experience in this field both within the NHS and Private sector.

Whatever your concern or embarrassment with your nails may be, please be reassured that our specialist podiatrists have seen and treated all aspects of ingrowing nails and will put you at ease immediately with their professional bedside manner and aftercare.

We do require an initial ingrowing toenail consultation prior to booking the surgery to be sure that surgery is the right treatment plan for you, as on occasions conservative treatment is all that is required. If surgery is decided upon during the initial consultation you will be given time to consider your options and that you are 100% sure about the treatment.

This nail surgery cost also includes 2 x follow-up appointments to ensure that your surgery is healing effectively.