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New Patient Assessment

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As a new patient it is important we have a clear indication of your medical status. Therefore we are requested to carry out an initial assessment of your health. To do this we need to know about any medical conditions you may have and any medications you are taking (It's a good idea to bring a prescription or list of medications with you on your 1st visit). As part of the appointment we will carry out a vascular assessment to ascertain the blood supply to your lower limb and feet. This is important as healthly limbs and feet require a good blood supply to keep them healthy.

If any concerns are found as part of this assessment we can advice you and if necessary write to your GP for a referral to the vascular team. As well as a good blood supply a good nerve supply is also really important, we will assess your nerves to your feet by conducting a neurological assessment. Again if any concerns are found we can advise you or refer accordingly.

Some people with nerve damage to their feet may find that they are at risk. They may injure their feet which can result in a wound which may not be felt as the nerves are not working properly. This can be detrimental to patients who may have medical conditions such as diabetes.