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Swift Verruca Microwave Therapy

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Many of the treatments for verrucas, such as liquid nitrogen, acids, over-the-counter treatments, etc do not have very high percentage rates of resolution. However, Swift Microwave Technology has a 78% success rate which has been proven in clinical research trials making it one of the highest success rates in verruca treatments available.

Safe and effective microwave impulses penetrate the skin and interact with the water molecules within the tissues heating them up and destroying the verruca virus after several treatments. The good thing about this treatment is it doesn't break the skin and no dressings are required after treatment so you can go along with your day-to-day activities as normal.

Does it hurt?

As there is an element of heating up the tissues it can be painful for a lot of patients however this being said it is only for a few seconds and the pain ceases when the treatment stops.

How often will I have to have treatments?

Your first Swift treatment will be followed up with a further two treatments after four week intervals, a further twelve weeks will then pass to allow your body's immune response chance to work. A follow-up review appointment will then be carried out to determine if the verruca has healed or if further treatments are required.

Please note that every individual has a varying response to this treatment as all immune systems are different depending upon factors such as age, medical health, medications, etc. This means that some verrucas may clear after just a few appointments and others may take longer than the recommended three sessions.

If you would like more details please check out the videos above.