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Ingrowing Nail Consultation and Removal Treatment

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Ingrowing nails can become problematic and can cause infection which can be painful. They can be caused by ill fitting footwear, trauma, poor nail cutting, or nail picking or it could just be the natural shape of your nails that causes discomfort.

Conservative Treatment: Some ingrowing nails can be treated conservatively this involves cutting the offending nail back and encouraging normal nail growth. If treated conservatively regular appointments may be required.

Nail surgery: A surgical procedure can be carried out using a local anesthetic. This will involve complete removal of the nail or partial removal to the sides of the nail. A chemical called phenol is then applied to the area to stop the nail cells from regrowing. This procedure is permanent. If you would like to find out more information please check out our nail surgery service.

We will discuss the options appropriate to your ingrowing nail/s during this consultation and if possible will conservatively treat the nail/s. If the nail/s are really red, swollen, painful, and have signs of obvious infection then you may not tolerate conservative treatment at this point as it will be far too painful and antibiotics may be required.

Whatever the outcome of the consultation you will be fully informed of all the options available to you.